Android developer is what I am now, but I've experimented with coding in various languages starting back when I was in high school.

Creating something useful and fun was an incentive but more so to build something that would help others solve a problem or lessen the burden. That has continued to have always been a major driver for me.

I've created numerous Android applications and a few of them are showcased on this site. Check them out in my portfolio.


Bash Scripts Batch files C# C++ Java
Kotlin PowerShell Python SQL SQLite

Activity Lifecycle Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Animated Image Drawables
Animations Async Tasks Audio Sound Effects
Bottom Navigation Bar Broadcast Services Callbacks
Cardview Chips Clipboard
Constraint Layout Coroutines Custom Themes
Custom Views Data Access Object (DAO) Data Binding
Date and Time Picker Debugging Design Patterns,
Drawer Layout File IO Fragments
Generics Google Play Store Gradle
Hash Tables Integration Testing Intents
JSON Linear Layout Live Data
MVVM Architecture Material Design Media Player
Mobile Application Development Multithreading Navigation Component
Network Adapter Notifications OAuth2
REST APIs Recycler Views Regular Expressions
Repository Services Shared Preferences
Threads / Runnables Transition Animations Unit Testing
User Interface (UI) Video Playback View Flipper
ViewModel Web APIs XML

Espresso Firebase Git GitHub
Google Login Google Maps Gson JUnit
Location Services Mockito OkHttp Picasso
Retrofit Robolectric Room Stetho

BFS Data Structure Binary Search Algorithm Binary Search Tree Data Structure
Blockchain Bubble Sorting Algorithm Class Inheritance
Computer Architecture Cryptocurrency DFS Data Structure
Graphs Data Structure Insertion Sorting Algorithm Linked List Data Structure
List Comprehensions Merge Sorting Algorithm Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Pipenv Queue Data Structure Quick Sorting Algorithm
Selection Sorting Algorithm Slicing Stack Data Structure

Heroku Java Beans Java Persistence API (JPA)
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Maven PostgreSQL
RDBMS CRUD RabbitMQ Spring Boot
Swagger Thymeleaf Tomcat

Android Studio Android Studio Profiler Command Prompt Terminal DB Browser for SQLite
Discord Git Git Bash GitHub
IntelliJ IDEA Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Notepad++ Notion
Postman PyCharm Shape Shifter Slack
Trello VS Code Visual Studio Zoom


When I'm not coding, I love to go on nature hikes with friends, travel to fascinating and historical places, cook extra portions of a meal for leftovers, explore interesting festivals, study practical technologies, and discover new ways of approaching problems.



I am a developer because I love doing it. I like meeting new people and talking tech with them. I like making the world a better place. Hopefully our paths cross at some point and we can make the world a better place together!

Last updated: June 18, 2020