Simpsons Says

Description: Android app which functions as a way to relive the moments of witty dialogue in the TV show The Simpsons. Any search term is valid and sends the request to the backend server to look through all of the quotes for that word/phrase. Favorite quotes can be stored if the user is logged in and so they can be reviewed and unfavorited too. A unique aspect of this project is the quote generator that creates brand new quotes in the style of a character via Machine Learning (implemented on the backend).

Tech: AndroidJavaActivitiesDialog FragmentsRecyclerViewsNetwork AdapterDAOShared PreferencesREST APIPOJO

Highlights: Solo project built over the course of a few days. Implementing the login dialog while the main screen was visible increased the impact of the desire to begin interacting and incorporating portrait images really brought the quotes to life. A large part of the light-hearted fun of the project came from the content and reading the quotes from the various episodes.

image The main activity shows the logo, a free quote, and three buttons: Search for quotes, generate new quotes, and to see the list of favorited quotes.
image The dialog fragment allows a new user to register or an existing user to login. If logged in previously, the username is prepopulated from Shared Preferences.
image Any word or phrase can be typed in and searched for. The top 10 matches will be returned below in the RecyclerView list with appropriately correlated images.
image Upon selecting "Generate", an intermediate fragment appears prompting to pick 1 of 7 characters.
image Once a character is selected, the backend returns an Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) generated quote in the style of the selected character.
image The list of all of the quotes that the user has saved to their list of favorites. Long click/press in order to de-favorite and remove it from the list.

Link: GitHub Source Code